26 Apr

#MPNSterDiary The Power Of Social Media – The Otodo Gbame Demolition

One of the web managers at Media Panache Nigeria, Opeyemi Ademola has penned down this thoughts on the influence of social media in the plight of those affected by the Otodo-Gbame demolition. Read below;

During a crisis, social media can either bury you or save you. In this case, latter is the case as social media has helped raise awareness about the plight of the people of Otodo Gbame.

April 11th 2017 was a very blue day for the residents of Otodo-Gbame in Lekki area of Lagos state. They were left stranded after the Lagos state task force flushed them out of their community without due warning or preparation.

Some Nigerians, who were aware of their plight and weren’t happy with insensitivity of the Lagos state government created an awareness online for the incident and in the twinkling of an eye social media influencers, brands, media companies and non-governmental agency such as Omojuwa, Channels TV, Sun Rise Daily Now, Net Ng engaged themselves on Twitter to show support for those people.

What comes to mind in the midst of all these chaos is how powerful social media was in the #OtodoGbame incident. It trended for over 3 days on twitter and their voices were heard. Without the presence they had on social media regarding their condition, only few people would have heard of them.

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