26 Apr

Here’s how Kemen Can Come Out of TBoss’ Brouhaha…

If you are social media savvy, you would have noticed the name ‘Kemen’ trending on all relevant social media platforms. The name has been a cause of discord among Nigerian youths because of the bearer’s alleged immoral act in the recently concluded reality TV show – Big Brother Naija.

Halfway through the show, housemate Kemen allegedly fondled housemate TBoss’ breasts while she was seemingly sleeping and because of Big Brother Naija’s intolerance for anything that will undermine any of the housemate’s safety, Kemen was disqualified.

The issue trended then and it died down shortly afterwards. At Ayo Makun’s popular annual comedy show AY Live which was held last Sunday April 16, 2017, AY cracked a joke regarding what happened between TBoss and Kemen that led to his eviction, and the ugly incident that had died and had been buried by Nigerians was resurrected.

Since the comedy show, Kemen’s name has been trending on Twitter with lots of Nigerians  giving their opinions on what should have been a forgotten issue. Needless to say, the reputation of the young chap has been tarnished and will take nothing short of a miracle to convince the heart of Nigerians to forgive him.

In the early hours Wednesday April 19, 2017, Media Panache Nigeria (MPN) had an in-house discussion about the whole ‘Kemen brouhaha’ and each member of the team suggested ways in which Kemen’s image can be promoted in a positive light among Nigerians and will make Nigerians forgive him.

Like the popular saying goes “If everyone is thinking alike, then someone isn’t thinking’. Needless to say, Media Panache Staff had different views on how the incident went down and how Kemen’s name and reputation can be vindicated and redeemed.

PR Executive at Media Panache Nigeria, Olakunle, was the first to share his thoughts. He laid emphasis on AY’s role in the resurrection of Kemen’s alleged act and suggested had he been Kemen’s PR manager; he would find a way to ensure the comedian issues an apology to the parties involved. He also said, “I will make sure Kemen releases a video showing deep remorsefulness for his actions and stating the incident still haunts him every single day – I would ensure he tears up in the video while frantically pleading for the forgiveness of T-Boss and Nigerians in general.”

One of Kunle’s proposed tactics also included Kemen and T-Boss recording a viral video where T-Boss would acknowledge the whole ordeal is now water under the bridge as she has fully forgiven Kemen for his mistake since he has taken full responsibility for his actions as he strongly believes this would help clear the air and erode tension already stirred across the media.

MPN’s copywriter, Betha also gave her take on the matter. She affirmed; if she was Kemen’s PR manager, she would put an end to Nigerians continuous dragging of Kemen’s name in the dirt. She would suggest Kemen apologize to the general public, although she strongly warns against Kemen accepting any untrue allegation made against him as there are no concrete proofs suggesting the young man did assault her sexually and this could rob him off opportunities in the future.

One of MPN’s web managers on the other hand; Tayo suggests Kemen play the “quiet game” because his alleged act was unjustifiable. He is of the opinion that Kemen shouldn’t release any sort of statement regarding the issue and eventually, it will be long forgotten among Nigerians. He stresses; it will all boil down to TBoss choosing to forgive him or press legal charges.

Ademola, another web manager thinks a Twitter interview should be held so as to calm Nigerians down – he suggests the power of social media has to be strongly exerted since that’s where majority of the on-going conversation regarding the subject is being generated. He also advised that Kemen should do an apology video with other BB House mates such as Efe, Thin Tall Tony, Bisola, Bally, Marvis where they can all stand in solidarity with Kemen to apologise to the general public.

MPN’s social media manager, Yemi thinks a tell-all candid interview with a TV journalist should be in order as this would shed more light on the obscure details of the allegation(s). She further suggests Kemen be grilled on some dumbfounding thoughts Nigerians have had towards him, stating; “Jumping on a trend in support of women’s rights wouldn’t be a bad idea too”. “He could also start a campaign tagged #NoDoAm – strongly advising the youths not to fall into temptation of sexually invading or assaulting women. The campaign can be in the form of a school tour” she continued.

Yemi suggests issuing an apology to TBoss’ family members is also needed as they seem to be more affected emotionally by the whole issue than TBoss herself’.

26 Apr

#MPNSterDiary The Power Of Social Media – The Otodo Gbame Demolition

One of the web managers at Media Panache Nigeria, Opeyemi Ademola has penned down this thoughts on the influence of social media in the plight of those affected by the Otodo-Gbame demolition. Read below;

During a crisis, social media can either bury you or save you. In this case, latter is the case as social media has helped raise awareness about the plight of the people of Otodo Gbame.

April 11th 2017 was a very blue day for the residents of Otodo-Gbame in Lekki area of Lagos state. They were left stranded after the Lagos state task force flushed them out of their community without due warning or preparation.

Some Nigerians, who were aware of their plight and weren’t happy with insensitivity of the Lagos state government created an awareness online for the incident and in the twinkling of an eye social media influencers, brands, media companies and non-governmental agency such as Omojuwa, Channels TV, Sun Rise Daily Now, Net Ng engaged themselves on Twitter to show support for those people.

What comes to mind in the midst of all these chaos is how powerful social media was in the #OtodoGbame incident. It trended for over 3 days on twitter and their voices were heard. Without the presence they had on social media regarding their condition, only few people would have heard of them.